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Ji ne ca lasan kata le tebulung mung dau penisen le singket-singket osa apan senteng ngemaju ilu.
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 Project "MAGGIE MEE"

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Amai Gab

PostSubject: Project "MAGGIE MEE"   Wed Mar 25, 2009 4:46 pm

Poto sik ketai de' manai bekading de tai mejau kediit leto ngkin tape/radio ngan bungkus mee maggie. Ja sik kelayan de' manai lepo' ilu ke' Long Dungan dalau e' dumit re. Ida tai mejau atau dating kediit leto ngan ngkin maagie mee ida cuk leto di tai pesak ngan pemung oman be lapa belua' alem. Kao kao ke dau re ke' dapun ngan gerak bio le dau re. Ramei sik re dalau ja ne. Bangen tawai ngkin mee maggie man re petalu ngan nyelao leto apan re oba' ida.
BN poto ale' teka' re ti meki ngan lepo' lepo' ke daya songai. Nta kira ilu ngan du de' ca. Tengen kenai re petolat ligit. Un pe project necu necu...jane project mee maggie ji. Nta BN ti ji naki,..ja du DS Najib. Tapi ngenempam ja,..ya pera dau YB Jame Jemut Masing bada' kerajaan un ligit naki ngan ke tar janan tai ke Batang Ai. Ji utama liwai ji. Meka dau e. Oban u bekading re nta oban ji jadi ca keutamaan, sedangkan dalam kegawatan ekonomi, jadi ca keutamaan ne dau project ji? Meka pe necu ngemora rega minyak injin, ngan necu necu petolat ligit wang ehsan minyak me ida de' un injin dangkut nida. Bukankah mung ji ilu senteng kategorikan project mee maggie?
Meki ne sik le koma' te, necu nyat project dalau nai du kempen. Mestilah wakil YB atau YB ji bada' milu, ok lah ilu kira lote ji o'o. Sai' sik le keja ne, ngan mencai sua sik me YB ji. Yu mung di? Un YB jinai naat ilu lepa undi mu? Basa nta bane'. Boka YB ji kelo' ke na' project mee maggie, nyo'o nak milu. Tiga tawai miya,..tapi ilu mesti ngimet, ayen beng ji le rega undi le lepo'. Ile mesti ngio' je' lebih majan ngan penting. Je' senteng ke metik lepo' le.
Tiga naat sik yu je senorat kuun ca senganak le impan kai;

Written by Dr. John Brian Anthony

Maggi mee

I was in my early twenties when I was involved in the creation of Maggi mee advertising jingle “Maggi mee - cepat di masak, sedap di makan”. I remember mingling with bar girls and prostitutes in a certain part of Kuala Lumpur to study the habit of “local instant noodle” preparation and consumption especially after normal dinner time (10pm onward). Thus the Maggi mee slogan is well received and survived till today.

BN Maggi Mee project

In Ijok, Permatang Pauh and Kuala Tengganu BN “maggi mee” project is numerous but is not effective as the people can see through the BN strategy and ignore it.

What is maggi mee project?

These are Instant project, the BN say I will build a road from point A to point B. Then the bulldozer would come, followed by excavator, earth work, stones, roller - of course the road would never be completed during the duration of the election. After the election, the “road” is left uncompleted. This make the people very angry as it belittle their intelligence to be treated like unthinking and unknowing adult. They voted the BN instead.

Instant noodle project in Sarawak

This is very common. In the upcoming Batang Ai by- election, this instant noodle BN project can be seen. Suddenly Minor Rural Project, small road repair in front of long house, building materials will be delivered and many more will appear. These project are unplanned, ad hoc and therefor not sustainable.

Instant noodle project has no heart and no soul.

Its only objective is to fish for votes and how the people feel about it later does not matter. BN think that they can bribe their way and buy the Dayak feeling and vote unhindered.

This BN instant noodle project is cruel.

They bring hope for the people only for BN to play with their high hope. It is an act of an irresponsible government - a BN government without conscience for the damage they cuased to the people.

Now the people are losing trust on the BN government. The BN government would be quick to label this people as anti-development or worst still not united to support them. How do BN government expect to be united behind them after they have done all the “bad” things to the people?

Are the voters bought by BN Instant Noodle strategy

Yes to an extend. It goes on to “swearing -in of local counsellors” in Lubok Antu and many more activities organized by the Government Depoartment to help BN candidate. Who says that government servant are not involved in politic.

BN do not respect the wisdom of the people

The funny thing is that the BN government do not think that the voters can see their dubious intention. But now Dayakbaru is going to expose all those dirty tactics.

The government department talk about subsidies, government assistance for poor families etc. After the election is over, those same government servant will shut the doors to the Dayak community. Is that fair - to bring the people hope to a high then drop them like a rock into the river?

Will BN give Minor Rural project a priority in Batang Ai election

Definitely yes. BN campaigners have no Socio-economic plan to share with the people. The best approach is to allocate some Ministry money or even “cash” from Taib’s election chest - a few million and just give it out to impress the Dayak.

The Tuai Rumah would be caught in a catch 20 situation. Meaning if they support the opposition, they are seen as ungrateful and if they support the government their misery will continue. So most just sit quietly and do the minimum.

What I suggest is for Dayakbaru to explain these “catch twenty” problem.

The Tuai Rumah must be made to inetrnal the “Change we MUST” value. BN will continue to terrorize the Tuai Rumah - by black mailing them with allownace, promising the Penghulu position, threaten them with their children future education and employment. All these are mere words and Dayakbaru must be able to help the voters to see through this threat.


The BN Instant noodle is always made more delicious by adding the “tunu janik, cheap liquor drink, poco poco, Dayak entertainers ( no disrespect intended) because they will be paid for their service, the trip to Kuching and staying in hotel, guided shopping for the target few Dayak local leaders - all this will make the BN Instant noodle more tasty.

Dayakbaru - we will explain to the voters these dubiou short sighted scheme to fool our people in Batang Ai. We will put in new approach using phamplets, news letter, -to get our message accross. BN will try to starve the opposition of listeners and Dayakbaru must focus on getting the message to the voters.

Win we MUST in Batang Ai.
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PostSubject: Raruah MaggiE MeE   Thu May 07, 2009 9:10 am

Razz -- ok un dalau e dumit de ke Long Dungan, dalau du mengundi ake sa e' ale tai engkin tapan ngan we' me tai petolat golak ngan osen, tai pe ma-ap telo' buin ke na-a, bila malam pulak nai pedo patu ligit tapi e nta tesen koda kado'. bagi ake masa memang rame' ale'. ngena pe 4 oman la-a tai nyai ligit ke Dato' Nyepa' ngan Dato' Tajang laing.. aduhhhh.. do nak ca kirik ngan lema ligit le mame da we' me. ja nesik le te ngan kasip le dalau ja.. bila ake' fikir ja nake' ake' bawak teka.. oban nta teka le sa ey tai nyudup Dato' da ne.

-- tapi zaman sudah berubah, ake bersyukur pala tuhan nak kerja ngan nai ke tanak depa ne, baru ake buka mata tentang cara politik do' lagi2 ake 8 oman ke bela utara tempat kuat pembangkang. lain sik cara do, nta boban do nak gola, osen ngan telo' buin tapi do nak janan berturap, sekolah, hospital, paip ngan macam kemajuan.

-- bila ilu na at daerah belaga cukup menyedihkan cuma dau Nau Mecha "Maju Belaga" tak maju pun!!! masih janan mabu jidai lute tai kebelaga, pada hal parti BN menang besar ke S'wak nta pernah kalah.. sakit kimet arap genesi nak ki ne pepo pekimet.

-- ilu na at sik ilu ke lepo' data nta un geran geran tanak tepat tepat. kena do kenai kerajaan ke nak ja me kenak de kaya raya.. ke u ketai penesen tepat. bila ake na at oko me re ke asap sedih!! nta un tanak nompak petai buaw la-a ke long lawen.. sampai bila ilu di perkotak katikkan..... KUASA DITANGAN ANDA...... CUMA PANGKAH WAKIL TEPAT.. BERSATU...

-- kado ale teka ake kebada' dalem ji tapi ekem ne tesen penosa tepat..
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Project "MAGGIE MEE"
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