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Ji ne ca lasan kata le tebulung mung dau penisen le singket-singket osa apan senteng ngemaju ilu.
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PostSubject: DIVIDE AND RULE BY NAME   Fri Feb 13, 2009 11:41 am

We may have three (3) group of Dayaks here i.e.

1. Dayak Laut (Iban)
2. Dayak Darat (Bidayuh)
3. "Dayak Ulu" ( Orang Ulu - possibility)

I really don't understand why current government make us "confuse" since the Ibans are mainly living in rural area rather than those Bidayuh.

This name (No. 1 & 2) may be twisted : Bidayuh should be rationally named as Dayak Laut (?) because they are mostly originating from sea shore compared to the Ibans who are originating mostly from mainland (Rural).

The Dayak Ulu (my own perception and proposal only)are those non-Iban or non-Bidayuh who also originating from "ulu" but from difference areas.

My GOLDEN Questions here are :
1. Are we Dayaks are going to permanently divided by the so called 3 different Dayak people as above?
2. Or may us the "strip" away this so called BN Heritage Divide and Rule Policy by using or naming us to three (3) main group of Dayak in Sarawak?

We may CHOOSE to "strip away the "Laut(Sea)", "Darat{Land)" and "Ulu(remote)" beside the term DAYAK?

If we are ready for that, we MAY CHOOSE so. Act within the possibility to UNIT us Dayak in BORNEO especially in Sarawak. Put it in State Constitution or even amend the Federal Constitution to suit our DayakBaru COMMITMENT.

Then, we in Sarawak will no more be DIVIDED AND RULED by certain "people"!

AGREE ?? Move it forward from now on!!

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Amai Gab

PostSubject: Re: DIVIDE AND RULE BY NAME   Mon Mar 09, 2009 4:45 pm

DAYAK sepatutnya ilu ala' secara bio' ngan total. Dalem pendapat osa ji, ake' rasa ilu nta perlu ke bada ilu land Dayak, Sea Dayak atau macam macam Dayak. Biar mung di ilu nak dalem ca kategori,...DAYAK. Ake' rasa ngadan ji un bio' ngan du takut ngening boka du ten teka' ke pejiget loten ka'ang bangsa le DAYAK.
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tamen bawing

PostSubject: Re: DIVIDE AND RULE BY NAME   Wed Apr 08, 2009 1:35 pm

Even though it makes sense, I don’t agree with this theoretical, "Dayak" is divided by the name which is as you have mention. It it is true, please explain details and give your prove on how ourself has been divided and conquer by the government by using this theory. Many journals, white papers or articles that you can found about dayak. Very little you can read about Dayak Laut, Dayak Darat or you will be surprise that you'll never found this word Dayak Ulu. So, actually there are no such a things like "Divide and conquer" in the Dayak word.

Whatever you say it whether Dayak Laut, Dayak Darat or Dayal Ulu we are people that hard to be unite. Even among our self like kenyah, there are Uma Bakah, Uma Badang, Uma Kulit and so on... can we strip the last name so that we all can be called kenyah? Of course not... The last name is represented our origin and it differentiate and given others view how is our culture and traditions is. When you say Uma Bakah - the things is in your mind is, this tribe is the inventor of "Tarian Kesatuan"/ tarian manyam tali... when you say Uma Badeng - you will thinking of this tribe is very good in playing sape'. The reality here is we should change our self, our mind set and attitude rather than changing the name. If we are really serious about to unite we cannot just saying and creating more theories rather than come along with community and speech it out. We can see during elections we never been unite. For an example, in Belaga constituency from the first election we kenyah people have divided our vote. We never put our vote together toward whoever candidates that we feel can bringing benefits us.

My conclusion here is that, the name of our races or tribe doesn’t matter... the matter is that our self. We read a lot of blogs, we entered a lot of internet forum and we can read articles from websites. Some of it is true and some is not true. We has have been given an intelligent brain to analyze whatever we accept from what we read, listens and observe. Unfortunately when we read blogs not many of us can analyze and trying to find the truth about it. We accept it as what it is written. The world has change. When we are talking about globalization, it is a world without boundaries. When we talk about ICT, it is a world that pours by information. We must aware and be very careful with “information”. So, as a high educated people, we must show our actions not just writing and talking. We must accept whatever it takes to change and educate our people by not confusing them.
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